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For a child, the initial experience of exploring a brand new world needs to be a happy and an enjoyable one, since this leaves an indelible mark on a child’s mind for years to come. The first time a child steps out of home into the outside world trying to figure out how everything works, what a child seeks most, apart from answers to zillion questions, is the love, warmth and security that a home offers.

What Jack & Jill aims to achieve more than anything else, is to ensure that a child feels safe and loved. Once a child is in safe and good hands, the answers to those zillion questions would soon follow. It is our belief that there are three major influences on the development of a child:

  1. Parents - the environment at home,
  2. Mentor - the educational environment and
  3. Curriculum.

We try to ensure the right kind of guardianship and overall exposure to the child.


Jack & Jill is promoted by Aryan Educational Society, Ajmer. This Society runs three colleges i.e. Aryan College, Aryan Polytechnic College and Aryan College of Technology. Aryan has proved to be an ideal place in shaping careers, enhancing the personalities and bringing out the hidden potentials of hundreds of students of Ajmer and the neighbouring towns. Aryan is known for its knowledgeable teaching staff, sound infrastructure, regular upgradation in all aspects and most of all its commitment towards the students.

In its pursuit for excellence, Aryan Educational Society is now into the field of nurturing the minds of little ones, which will help them in becoming healthy personalities and powerful citizens of this country.

Not only this, the school has taken the onus to educate parents about positive parenting through a series of seminars, thus, creating a healthier society of enlightened parents and bright kids.


To provide a Happy and Powerful educational ecosystem to the little ones.

Dr Nisha Shekhawat


Every child is unique, has a unique talent and has infinite potential. What’s most important and perhaps most neglected is the fact that the child has to be understood first. All five fingers are not alike; it is not right to assume that all children can achieve the same level of excellence. At Jack & Jill, understanding a child and his strengths and weaknesses is given the first priority. Each child has different kinds of intelligence and learning patterns, and at Jack & Jill we make an honest effort to cater the same.

Second mistake which each one of us commit is that we start dealing and behaving with children by our level of intellect and exposure, which we have gained after so many years of experience. We all need to understand that we have to go to a child’s level and then teach him/her things in a language which he/she can understand, then only he/she will be able to produce results which we expect. Moreover we should be patient. Life is the best school & over a period of time he/she will learn everything.

We will try for the holistic development of the children through :

  1. Smart Classrooms
  2. Play way method
  3. Experiential Learning through a string of Activities

Learning is a natural instinct that a child possesses in plenty. A child learns by exploration and discovery. When it comes to imparting knowledge to kids, being interactive proves to be the most effective. It is for this simple reason that Jack & Jill puts a lot of emphasis on experiential learning.

Involvement in activities is not just merely a better way of learning, but also an effective way to enhance a child’s interpersonal skills. Use of apt objects and articles, fun activities, technology such as computers, audio clippings, video footages, etc form an integral part of Jack & Jill’s curriculum. The School will work on the development of:

  1. Cognitive Skills
  2. Gross Motor Skills
  3. Fine Motor Skills
  4. Inter-action Skills (to socialize outside home)
  5. Nurturing a habit of doing things independently

The prime endeavor of Jack & Jill is to let a child grow and develop with own natural pace rather than rushing a child and depriving him/her of a fun and charming childhood. At Jack & Jill we incorporate key values of fun, respect, honesty, patience and kindness. Mentors ensure that Indian values, manners and etiquettes are inculcated in each and every child. A small and convenient mentor to child ratio will enable this, as the mentor can shower equal and undivided attention on each child. We expect parents to:

Give the child lots of praise, love, and affection - This will help him/her feel worthy
Give the child choices - This helps him/her feel empowered and teaches them independent decision making.
Help the child set realistic goals - This helps him/her feel successful
Help the child deal with mistakes and failures by being supportive and offering constructive feedback - This builds positive self-esteem

‘Intellectual Needs’ are important but let us understand that ‘Emotional needs’ of a child are equally important and by addressing his emotional needs, we develop positive self esteem in a child. Give each child his ‘corner’ – his canvas to express himself.

All you need is to have faith in the child’s ability. It is also the highest form of encouragement. Only when you truly believe in the child, he can believe in himself.


We believe in making our little geniuses ‘Think Big’. Hence, each little event of life is celebrated with grandeur so as to provide opportunities to these aspiring tiny tots to perform before large audiences and give you moments of pride as parents. Our set of activities will include celebrations, events, workshops, visits and so on…

List of Activities 2021-22

S.No. Month Activity Class
1 April Welcome Students(Traditional- Tilak, Garlands) NUR & LKG
Saraswati Puja (Parents, Priest first time handle chalk) NUR & LKG
Fruit Day NUR & LKG
Toy Day & Lemonade Day NUR & LKG
Earth Day Celebrations NUR & LKG
Red Day & World Heritage Day NUR & LKG
2 May Vegetable Day NUR & LKG
Orange Day NUR
Mothers Day NUR & LKG
3 July Grandparent’s Day NUR & LKG
Fruit Salad Day NUR & LKG
Plantation Day NUR & LKG
Green Day NUR & LKG
Tearing & Pasting LKG
4 August Umbrella Day NURSERY
Rakhi Making NUR & LKG
14th Tricolour Day NUR & LKG
Independence Day Celebration NUR & LKG
Janmashtami Celebrations Nur & LKG
Hindi Recitation Nur & LKG
5 September Teacher’s Day Celebration Nur & LKG
Music Day Nur & LKG
Yellow and Corn Day Nur & LKG
Puppet Show NURSERY
Fancy Dress Show Nur & LKG
6 October Gandhi Jayanti( Slogan Day) Nur & LKG
English Poem Recitation competition LKG
Navratri Celebrations Nur & LKG
Dusshera Celebrations Nur & LKG
World Food Day Nur & LKG
Visit - Library LKG
Father’s Day Nur & LKG
Fashion Show LKG
7 November Salad Day Nur & LKG
Diwali Celebrations Nur & LKG
Children’s Day Nur & LKG
Handwriting Competition Nur & LKG
Colour Day - Nur & LKG
Art and Craft Mela Nur & LKG
8 December Quiz - Theme- Body Parts, Colours of Life, Cartoons LKG
Visit - Post Office Nur & LKG
Nature’s Day Nur & LKG
Sports Day Nur & LKG
Cartoon Day Nur & LKG
Visit - Railway Station Nur & LKG
Christmas Celebrations Nur & LKG
9 January New year Celebrations Nur & LKG
Visit - Gaming Zone Nur & LKG
Colour Day Nur & LKG
Lohri celebrations Nur & LKG
Kite Flying Day Nur & LKG
Sports Day Nur & LKG
Green Earth Day(Plantation) Nur & LKG
Republic Day celebrations Nur & LKG
Visit - Picnic Nur & LKG
10 February Animal day Nur & LKG
Drawing Competition Nur & LKG
Visit - Museum Nur & LKG
Dental Checkup Nur & LKG
Health checkup Nur & LKG
Basant Panchami Celebrations
Shivratri Celebrations Nur & LKG
11 March Holi Celebrations Nur & LKG
Declaration of Results Nur & LKG

Other Activities

  1. Puppet show
  2. Magic Show
  3. Clay Modelling
  4. Finger Painting
  5. Vegetable Painting

Workshops for Parents

  1. Positive Parenting
  2. Nutritional Value
  3. Child Care- Medical and Psychological
  4. Movie with your kids
  5. Community Involvement
  6. Phonics Workshop for Mothers


Jack & Jill School is fully equipped with State-of-Art-Infrastructure for world class Pre-Primary education.

Thematic Rooms

Each and every room is built with a theme and a concept that enables your child to associate with, appreciate and learn from the environment.


All interiors are designed keeping the little ones in mind. Their inquisitive and eager eyes get the feel of things fresh and attractive.

Jack & Jill… school has:-

  • Colourful Smart Classrooms
  • Pre-primary activity room
  • Computer room
  • Art and Craft room
  • Childrens’ library
  • Audio-Visual room
  • Doll room
  • Ball room
  • Educational Equipment / Toys room
  • Open area with Slides and Rides

Smart Classroom

Jack & Jill has signed a five year agreement with TeachNext Technologies, New Delhi for smart classroom setup. TeachNext will provide Computers, LCD Projectors, Smart Boards and Course Content. The content is in Audio-Video format, which is quite interactive, having lots of visuals. Modules in ‘Smart Class’ are learner centric and very engaging to young minds. They cover the following subjects:

  1. English
  2. English Rhymes
  3. Hindi
  4. Hindi Rhymes
  5. Mathematics
  6. Computers
  7. Environmental Science


School has a library for the toddlers. Most of the experts feel that the young ones in the age group of 2-5 years have an amazing capacity of learning new things. To ensure that the children can learn at home also with their parents, we have a reasonably good collection of books, which are issued on a returnable basis. A parent can assist his/her child for self paced learning at home.

Computer Lab

A computer lab for the toddlers is provided with a teacher to help them out in exploring the digital world and learn its basic concepts.


We are in a child safe location in the midst of a residential colony. Yet we are easily accessible from all the parts of the city. We are situated in the heart of the city at Shastri Nagar, Ajmer. The School has its own safe transportation facility.

To avail the same, please speak to the School Co-ordinator.


Admissions will be taken for the session from 1st April every year for all the classes. For the Play Group and Nursery, the admissions will be open throughout the year.

Jack & Jill has an age specific program for children above 2 years. Following are the programs offered with timings from 9:00 am to 1.00 pm:

  • PLAY 2 years - 2½ years
  • NURSERY 2½ years - 3years
  • L.K.G 3 years - 4 years
  • H.K.G 4 years - 5 years

To learn more about our programs and services, please call

Admission Co-ordinator

Jack & Jill School on Landline No. 2627330 or on Mobile No. 09636666611


Jack & Jill provides an affordable fee structure for the parents with an option of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual payments. The fee structure shall include the Tuition fee, Courseware fee and Transportation fee (optional).

Email us @

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We update the details on 10th of every month. In order to view the report, you must know two things:

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List of Holidays 2021-22
Month Holidays Date Day
April Ram Navmi 2 Thursday
Mahaveer Jayanti 6 Monday
Good Friday 10 Friday
May Eid 25 Monday
*Summer Break*(May 23rd - June 30th)
August Rakshabandhan 3 Monday
Janmashtami 12 Wednesday
Independence day 15 Saturday
September Teachers Day 5 Saturday
October Gandhi Jayanti 2 Friday
Navratra Sthapana 17 Saturday
Dusshera 25 Sunday
*Diwali Break*(11th Nov - 17th Nov )
November Guru Nanak Jayanti 30 Monday
Pushkar Fair 28 Saturday
December Christmas 25 Friday
*Winter Break*(Dec 24th - Jan 3rd)
January Republic Day 26 Tuesday
February Eid
March Maha Shivaratri 11 Thursday
Holi 29 Monday

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